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Get ready for a fun jewellery creation marathon, ladies! Today in DressUpWhoís brand-new exclusive game youíre getting the amazing chance to step into the shoes of a super famous jewellery designer and create some unique Bead Smith Jen bracelets to match the theme chosen for the next collection: tribal! How cool is that, huh? Weíve prepared a wide variety of items for you so you just have to check them out and pick up the ones you need for the design you already have in mind. Now letís get it started and first of all, letís find the list of needed items. Search through the store for the right colorful beads, find the tribal themed accessories as well and donít forget to also pick some bracelet locks and pair of scissors that you will need during the creation process. Well done, ladies! Now that you have everything prepared let your imagination run free and design the perfect tribal bracelet for your little special clients! Select the wireís color you fancy the most, apply the lock and then start selecting your favorite precious germs, beads, glittering letters or special tribal items to put together your very first, highly-original bracelet! Now that you have the accessory, why donít you ladies go to the next page out the game and help our cutie pie here find a cute dress to match it up with? Enjoy it!

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